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[Preferred Partner Spotlight: Concentric Design]

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Concentric Design is a Chicago-based graphic design firm that specializes in visual identity, digital and print design projects for a variety of clients seeking to positively impact their customers and communities.

An organization’s identity is much more than a logo, so in early 2012, The Huestudio + Company selected Concentric Design to further define our brand and develop a new website. As one of our longest and loyal Preferred Partners, we couldn’t be more proud of the exceptional design work they created for our team. 

For our June 2017 Preferred Partner Spotlight, we posed two key questions that are often asked of our exclusive, invitation-only network of the finest artisans.

Read their thoughtful responses + consider partnering with Concentric Design to define your audiences, design an effective brand platform, and deliver messaging that resonates. Taking brands to screens big and small and the printed page, they focus on smart user experience, maximizing conversions, and making content shine. 

Why is color important in design?

Color is one of the most important elements in designing a brand. Colors act as psychological triggers for many different emotions helping to quickly explain to your clients or customers how you want them to feel about your business.

Blue is often used to provide a sense of trust and professionalism, which is why healthcare and government tend to use it. Green is full of energy and evokes a sense of closeness to nature. Red is energetic, impulsive and feels powerful. Color helps to generate our perceptions, directly or indirectly, and that makes it a powerful tool.

Color allows designers to convey certain messages or actions quickly and without relying on words. If used properly, it also helps to guide the eye, highlighting important information, and in the case of web and app design, guiding users to where actions need to be taken.

What are you most proud of with your design with The Huestudio + Company?

We know that Jeff not only loves color, but he also has quite a colorful personality. From the very beginning of developing The Huestudio + Company identity, we knew color would play a key role. One hurdle to using a lot of color is how to balance that energy and excitement with a feeling of professionalism and seriousness, when necessary.

Our strongest ally in the use of color is not a color at all… it’s white! By maximizing the use of whitespace in The Huestudio + Company designs, we’re able to use all of these bright colors without being overwhelming or feeling too childish, resulting in designs that are vibrant, exciting and professional.

We’re proud to have been able to provide The Huestudio + Company with an identity that represents its services and expresses its personality in a unique and identifiable way—it’s one of the most appreciated projects in our portfolio!


To view the exciting and innovative projects of Concentric Design, follow them on Instagram, check out their full portfolio or send them a note at 

We love their extraordinary talents – and – know you will too! 

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