10 Years of Collaboration | Mirabelle Studio

As we Celebrate a Decade of The Huestudio + Company throughout 2018, we also celebrate and honor many years of creative collaboration with Preferred Partners; unique artisans that are personally-curated and extensively vetted by our team to offer exquisitely-curated event experiences.

January 2018 spotlights the magnificent artistry and talents of Mirabelle Studio!With a new website and fresh designs for 2018, the extraordinary Judy Lynn regularly transforms our distinctive ideas and innovative visions into spectacular, bespoke creations for discerning clients and festive fêtes.

Delight in these items and unique stories of interest as you learn more about Mirabelle Studio, one of our premier, longtime Preferred Partners.


Ten Things about Mirabelle Studio

  1. A mirabelle is a small yellow plum grown primarily for preserving. It also inspires what I do and how I work. I create books and boxes to hold, store, and preserve life’s moments.
  2. I am passionate about combining my love of book arts and printmaking with my new focus on surface pattern design.
  3. I use traditional bookbinding and linocut tools along with a laptop to create my pieces. I enjoy this combination of old and new to create modern, functional art.
  4. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me. This admiration motivates my commitment to supporting nature and using eco-products and practices whenever possible.
  5. I have lived in five different states and in Paris, France. These locations continuously percolate up and influence my work.
  6. I love to work with my hands and I view making things as an extension of myself. My favorite piece is always what I am working on at the moment. Currently I’m designing tree frogs and jungle foliage.
  7. I love hearing how people use my boxes. They have held diamonds, vitamins, volcanic ash, remote controls, photos, tax papers, pens, pet remains, Limoges boxes, candy, gift cards, athletic medals, and sugar packets.
  8. I earned a BFA in graphic design and minored in publishing and printing arts where I learned letterpress printing and book binding.
  9. Each piece is made by hand in small batches to ensure quality and meticulous craftsmanship.
  10. I enjoy the functional element that is inherent in my work, however, I don’t think a book or box needs to be filled. I love blank books and empty boxes because they hold the potential for something wonderful!

Visit their colorful site to learn more + view our Gallery for photographs of past, bespoke offerings by Judy Lynn of Mirabelle Studio.


“I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed.”

– Steve Lacy


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company.

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