Concentric Design | 10 Years of Collaboration

March 2018 features the amazing designs and creativity of Concentric Design, a longtime Preferred Partner of The Huestudio + Company.

As we Celebrate a Decade throughout 2018, we honor many years of creative collaboration with Blair Hannah and Jeff Meador, Concentric co-founders, innovative artisans + extraordinary talents that contribute invaluably to our team in offering exquisitely-curated event experiences.

Ten Things to Know + Love about Concentric Design

  1. Concentric focuses on visual identity, digital, and print design projects for companies of all sizes and in many different industries.
  2. We’ve been working with The Huestudio + Company since 2010 when we designed its original logo.
  3. We’re based in the wonderful city of Chicago—Wicker Park to be specific. The food, the people, and the summers just can’t be beat!
  4. We work with clients all over the US and our work spans the globe.
  5. Concentric co-founders Blair Hannah and Jeff Meador founded Concentric together at their alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan in 2006.
  6. Our first big project was for the Downtown Bloomington Association. We designed a year-long promotional campaign that promoted shops and activities in historic Downtown Bloomington, Illinois.
  7. For its first 10 years in business, Concentric was a “side hustle” for Blair and Jeff. In 2016, though, we dove in full-time!
  8. Between The Huestudio + Company and Concentric, we’re not sure who likes color more.
  9. We like to think we have pretty high-brow taste in design. This is balanced somewhat by our low-brow taste in music. We publish monthly studio mixtapes on Instagram if you’d like to hear for yourself.
  10. We’ve had such fun designing custom icons for THC over the past few years. See a few of our favorites below. Check out more of our collaborative work with The Huestudio + Company on our website.


View our Gallery to view more of Concentric Design’s portfolio, including images from our amazing brand. “Good design means good business.”


Photo Credits:© Concentric Design exclusively for The Huestudio + Company.

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