New Year. Celebrate Everything!

Reaching a ten-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement!

Our team could not be prouder and elated for all who have been a part of The Huestudio + Company, and our countless event experiences, throughout our years in business.

It’s been 10 years of happiness. 10 years of client trust. 10 years of growth. 10 years of sharing. 10 years of making dreams come true. 10 amazingly beautiful and exquisite years of excellence!

Our longtime preferred partner and collaborator, Concentric Design, has spectacularly captured the celebratory essence of our brand with colorful, captivating 10-year graphics, badges and type treatments.

And, throughout 2018, we will be Celebrating a Decade with special events, client promotions, special event experience pricing and celebratory giveaways. Stay tuned!

10 Cheers to an amazing 2018!

“Anniversaries are like birthdays: occasions to celebrate and to think ahead, usually among friends with whom one shares not only the past but also the future.”

– Zbigniew Brzezinski

From Heaven Above

Exclusively commissioned as a special birthday/holiday gift, three elegant sets of personal notes and envelopes, beautifully crafted on handmade papers, were scripted by the talented Joi Hunt of Bien Fait Calligraphy in various classic styles of pointed pen calligraphy.

Presented in custom boxes and exquisitely tied using hand-dyed botanical silk ribbons, this personal gift was truly extraordinary + a genuine work of art!

“My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.”

– Michelangelo

“When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.”

– Akhenaton

Allow the creative team of The Huestudio + Company, and our personally-curated artisans of Preferred Partners, to design and create a perfect gift for you and your beloved!

You’ll be glad you did!


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017.

Pennies from Heaven

Pennies. One Cent. Truly sent from Heaven above…Penny!

In celebration of a special birthday for a beloved lady named Penny, custom beverage napkins were exclusively created by Lucky Invitations, for a private birthday event. #HuestudioPreferredPartner

Beautifully encased in a hand-made, shiny copper keepsake box, with a 2017 glistening penny affixed to a tassel with copper wire, these exquisite serviettes celebrate Penny’s love of luxe beverage napkins with each and every libation: A Penny for your Thoughts + Pennies from Heaven! #Cheers

A thought to ponder…Yes, a penny for your thoughts!

If you find yourself stumbling across found coins in your pathway, pause and let the shiny coin capture your attention! For this lucky penny just may be a reminder that you are one with the angels above, and with cherished loved ones.

This found, one cent gift carries a special message that you are valued, loved, protected and always connected. All is well.

The happiest of birthday wishes to Ms. Penny!

Today, we celebrate you. We honor you. We love and truly adore you!


Every time it rains, it rains
Pennies from Heaven
Don’t you know each cloud contains
Pennies from Heaven

You’ll find your fortunes falling
All over the town
Be sure that your umbrella
Is upside down

Trade them for a package of
Sunshine and flowers
If you want the things you love
You must have showers

So when you hear it thunder
Don’t run under a tree
There’ll be pennies from Heaven
For you and me


“So don’t pass by that penny when you’re feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an Angel’s tossed to you.”

– C. Mashburn


Photo Credit: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy December 2017!

For the final month of 2017, with a memorable year of quarterly colors highlighting Earth, Air, Fire and Water, four essential elements of our universe, Water concludes Q4 with Snow White, our spotlight color for December 2017!

Why did we select Snow White?

Snow coats everything in a clean, pure white blanket. A covering of pristine elegance of ice crystals married together. Snow wouldn’t be snow if it wasn’t white.

It’s a sign of new beginnings; a pure, clean slate.

We simply can’t wait to share exciting news in 2018!

The holidays are often considered “the most wonderful time of the year”, and this month you’re likely to hear songs of the season such as White Christmas, among other holiday classics.

From all of us at The Huestudio + Company, Season’s Greetings from our family to yours!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”
It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the hap-happiest season of all
With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings
When friends come to call
It’s the hap-happiest season of all

There’ll be parties for hosting
Marshmallows for toasting
And caroling out in the snow

There’ll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories of
Christmases long, long ago

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
There’ll be much mistletoeing
And hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near
It’s the most wonderful time
Yes, the most wonderful time
Oh, the most wonderful time
Of the year

Photo Credit: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017.

With Gratitude + Thanksgiving

Turkey. Dressing. Pomegranates. Pumpkin + Pecan Pies! A bountiful harvest of of joy and blessings.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, our wonderful friends and Preferred Partners at Fun To Eat Fruit, featured our branded logo on edible apples, pomegranates and miniature pumpkins, among other fresh fruits. These fun, and oh, so whimsical edible fruits have charmed everyone!

Branded fruits were used throughout to decorate our corporate offices, as well as, utilized to set thoughtful and healthy place settings. We also playfully designed + created our version of a branded “pumpkin pie”. #NoCookingRequired

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

– William Arthur Ward

So, wherever your holidays may take you throughout our wonderful world – and whatever your Thanksgiving holiday traditions might be – plan ahead and always be prepared.

You just never know who might surprise you with an ‘unexpected’ visit!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Huestudio + Company!


“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

– William Blake


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017.