Showers of Blessings

We are honored to salute and support our cherished friends and preferred charitable partner, Operation Shower! 

The Huestudio + Company celebrates their amazing 10-year success to ease the stress of deployment by hosting joyful baby showers for military families across the country.

Operation Shower’s baby shower events provide expectant military families with high quality products for their babies while recognizing their extraordinary sacrifices and personal efforts for all that they do for our country.

These delightful events are a unique and special opportunity for military families to come together and celebrate! 

After all, the military moms who hold it all together at home deserve a party and special recognition.

In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, delight in learning more about Operation Shower!

  1. Operation Shower is in the business of JOY! 
  2. We are based in St. Louis, Missouri.
  3. We started as a passion project in the basement of LeAnn Morrissey’s home in 2007 and have now hosted over 100 military showers + honored over 5,000 military moms!
  4. We are a proud Homefront Group of The PGA TOUR’s Birdies for the Brave® + supported by PGA TOUR professionals Jim Furyk and Hunter Mahan.
  5. We believe that love really is in the details. 
  6. We know that there isn’t a day that can’t be made better by giving back to others.
  7. We were incredibly honored to have former First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden reach out to host an event as a part of their Joining Forces initiative. *Bonus: We were invited again by Mrs. Obama’s office to host a shower in Italy with the First Lady while she was visiting a base in Vincenza! 
  8. Our signature item is our “Shower in a Box” which Operation Shower provides to every military mom-to-be so that they receive a full baby shower’s worth of gifts at their shower – packaged especially for them! 
  9. Our goal is to let every one of our military moms know that we see them, we appreciate them and we celebrate them!
  10. We may be biased, but we think we have the most talented and loving volunteers and supporters on the planet + feel so honored to work with many great designers…like the team at The Huestudio + Company!

To show your support of military families all over the country, please consider a sponsorship in the form of cash, products, service donations and corporate sponsorships.

Celebrate with some happy moms in this special video + learn more about Operation Shower and all the good it does!

Happy 10th Anniversary to our precious friends at Operation Shower! Congratulations!


Photo Credits: © Images by Berit exclusively for Operation Shower.

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The Hues of The Studio

H = Hues. Often described as a color or shade.

With a wink and a playful nod to Hughes, the last name of our Founder and Chief Experience Officer, infinite creativity, colorful hues and a network of talented artisans abound + anchor the brand, imagination and innovative vision of The Huestudio + Company.


“It was the rainbow gave thee birth, and left thee all her lovely hues.”
– W. H. Davies

Learn more about us by reading our Inspiring Stories feature in Voyage Chicago.

You may also view it at the top of the homepage as part of the Northwest side collection. *Why the egg photo? Read on below…

U = Unique. Our colorful team is uniquely diverse and insanely creative. We thrive on color +  encourage clients to spotlight their favorites [and, lots of them!] throughout their events, including integrating patterns, textures and uplifting hues.

For both client and guest experience satisfaction, our team is ubiquitous and united in excellence. We are supremely passionate about creating memorable event experiences that are non-traditional, unusually innovative, but always elegantly exquisite. Our attention-to-detail is unparalleled!

E = Exquisite. Elegant. Exceptional. Elevated.

These words are often spoken by clients to describe our distinctive, curated event experiences. Our studio offers a custom curation of exceptional offerings personalized for every client, resulting in distinctive event experiences that are simply exquisite!

Personally selected and carefully screened, we boast a comprehensive “stamp-of-approval” network of the finest talent and creative minds; artisans that are passionate, motivated and dedicated to excellence.

“One can make no better investment than the cultivation of a taste for the beautiful, for it will bring rainbow hues and enduring joys to the whole life. It will not only greatly increase one’s capacity for happiness, but also one’s efficiency.”
– Orison Swett Marden

S = Superior Service. We purposefully designed our logo utilizing only one “s” to reflect our exemplary client service and signature “five-senses approach” in designing event experiences.

We collaborated with Concentric Design to create a unique, colorful logo and brand strategy that reflects our company’s core guiding principles. Our bold and elegant intersecting Circles of Colors represents a cycle of collaboration, fluidity and continuous improvement to exceed client and guest expectations.


Join us throughout 2018 as we continue to Celebrate a Decade! Our team is immensely proud of ten successful years as artisans of exquisitely-curated event experiences™ – and – we hope you are too! 

“We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.”

– Orison Swett Marden


*The photo of A Dozen Eggs was captured in 2008 by Wayne Slezak Photography. Why eggs? As George Eliot stated, “The world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome, dubious eggs, called possibilities.” We saw the possibilities and embraced our talents. Huestudio began and has now evolved into The Huestudio + Company.

Photo Credit: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company.

Above and Beyond! | Balloons by Tommy

As we Celebrate a Decade in the event industry, experience has proven that no one creates vibrant and colorful displays of festive balloon artistry like Balloons by Tommy!

As a trusted Preferred Partner of The Huestudio + Company, [not to mention, multi-award winning décor artists!], their unique balloon design applications transform ordinary décor themes into extraordinary, stunning works of art!

 Throughout 2018, we are proud to spotlight select Partners with Ten Things to Know and Love!

Read about our special friends at Balloons by Tommy who are always delightful, creatively awe-inspiring and soar high above others with every special event experience.

Tommy + Scott DeLorenzo

Ten Things to Know + Love about Balloons by Tommy

  1. Back in the Day: When Balloons by Tommy started, Tommy was 14-years old. After seeing what balloons could do when used as an art form, he decided that he wanted take his passion for balloon art to the next level. With his parents encouragement, Balloons by Tommy was created. 
  2. The Present: Although Balloons by Tommy just started as a high school kid with a dream, it has grown to a team of three (3) full-time and several part-time helpers. It is no longer a home-based business. We now have a warehouse where we have room to create and Tommy hopes to keep up the momentum by expanding.   
  3. Our Website: Because what we do is visual, we have set up our website so you can browse through thousands of options and choose what you like without having to describe it to us. 
  4. Balloons by Tommy and the Environment: All latex balloons that we use are 100% biodegradable natural product (gluten free, cruelty free and cage free too!) Latex is harvested from the rubber tree, similar to maple syrup, and does not harm the tree.
  5. Max Impact: No other décor medium can fill a space as cost effectively as balloons can. ALSO, balloons are the only décor option that can defy gravity! 
  6. Not Just for Birthdays: Balloons by Tommy staff pride themselves on making unique installations and décor pieces.   We hope to redefine the way in which people envision balloons. We like to think of ourselves as artists and balloons our medium.
  7. Cheers: All the staff at Balloons by Tommy agree that famous and beloved Winnie the Pooh was right when he said, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” 
  8. Parades: Balloon art is an experience that photos can’t quite capture and there is no better way to experienced balloons than in person. That is why Balloon by Tommy participates in multiple parades each year in hopes that others can enjoy balloons like we do! 
  9.  The Purists: Tommy and his staff consider themselves to be balloon purists. This means that the only medium we work with is balloons and we aim to find solutions for our clients strictly using that medium. 
  10. Life is a Musical: Although most staff at Balloons by Tommy are not necessarily musically inclined, we find ourselves creating musical numbers throughout the day in the workspace. We definitely stay entertained!  

From elegant balloon bouquets for private parties, unique theme events featuring stunning special effects, and imaginative, colorful grand parade flairs, Balloons by Tommy turns visions and dreams into creative balloon reality.


“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

– A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


Visit our Gallery to view exclusive images of real events by Balloons by Tommy!


“I remember as a kid having a balloon and accidentally letting the string go and watching it just float off and into the sky until it disappeared. And there’s something about that, even, that feels very much like what life is, you know, that it’s fleeting, and it’s temporal.”

– Pete Docter

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beyond pictures | Weddings by Revealed Studios

April continues to blossom with the extraordinary artistry of Revealed Studios: Boutique Wedding Photography and Boudoir Photography Studio.

As a trusted Preferred Partner of The Huestudio + Company for many years, their images and photographs are beyond pictures, and we are honored to spotlight their talents with Ten Things to Know as we Celebrate a Decade throughout 2018.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” 

– Dorothea Lange

Revealed Studios provides artistic, storytelling wedding photography and fine art boudoir photography. We like to think we help our brides and grooms sleep a little better leading up to The Day.

Just like we would (and have!) for our own friends, we think of ourselves as a resource for more than just photography. You can come to us for everything from organizing a timeline, to making the day flow smoothly, to scouting out the best locations for display-worthy pictures.

We intentionally take only take a handful of weddings each year. Keeping things small gives us more room for creativity and leaves us more accessible to you.

We’re all about the art and the story.

Whether it’s a tight frame showing a gentle touch or an intimate distance capturing an emotion, our images take you back in time. We love the pretty and the styled, the amusing and the quirky, the tender and the poignant. We value taste, and work for our angles without being intrusive.

We crave good light and study it with awe. We search for compositions that show relationships and settings that evoke a feeling. In short, we create frame worthy images that transport you back in time. 

Ten Things to Know About Revealed Studios

  1. A collaboration of two best friends. Kelly and Maggie have been friends for over a decade. Self-described “feelers,” they are in love with all things that make our hearts pitter-patter – a great book, twinkly lights, and genuine human connection. 
  2. We’re a perfect balance. According to the Meyers-Briggs test, our two personality types are an ideal match for working together. Kelly (INFP) is the logistics queen with a unique eye and killer taste. She keeps Maggie (ENFP), who can gravitate toward vision of grandeur, in check, but also knows when she’s in the flow. Together we’re a balance that works – making a day on the job something we always look forward to. 
  3. Our Studio was once a milk delivery depot – the R. F. Clark dairy from 1890 through the 1920s. You can see the original carriage house door hanging inside the now converted space. 
  4. Mission based: we’re all about helping our boudoir clients feel as great as they’ll look. 
  5. Maggie was first introduced to photography by her Dad, a wedding and portrait photographer. She learned on a film camera and developed prints in her home darkroom. 
  6. Wide range of boudoir clientele: We’ve worked women in their 70s, plus-size women, sexual assault victims, women with breast cancer, women with !disabilities, and women with self doubt. We are champions of ALL women.
  7. We talk about missing our clients all the time. We always talk about wanting standing happy hour dates so we can see them on the regular. 
  8. Wedding photography has taken us as far south as Argentina and west as Palm Dessert, California. 
  9. We can’t resist a good Motown tune. When “Shout” comes on during a reception, you’ll find us dancing right along with our clients. 
  10. Only a handful of weddings. We intentionally limit the amount of weddings we take each year to maintain high standards of client care and imagery. 


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

– Aaron Siskind


Visit our Gallery to view exclusive, personally-selected images by Weddings by Revealed Studios.


Photo Credits: © Revealed Studios: Boutique Wedding Photography and Boudoir Photography Studio

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10 Years of Art in Flowers | The Flower Studio

April 2018 blooms brightly with an exclusive spotlight showcasing the amazing floral creations and innovative designs of The Flower Studio, a longtime Preferred Partner of The Huestudio + Company. 

“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.”

– Thomas Tusser

We honor the many years of creative collaboration with Karen Meeske Cook, owner of The Flower Studio, and her team of talented floral artisans, as we continue to Celebrate a Decade throughout 2018.

Their stunning talents contribute to our company in offering gorgeously textured, vibrant colors and coordinating, collaborative styles to our thoughtfully planned and exquisitely-curated event experiences. 

Ten Things to Know About The Flower Studio

  1. Flowers are our Art. We are inspired by nature and all things botanical. Before designs are realized, they are inspired! Hand selected and artfully crafted for our customers and clients, we interpret the story into magic.
  2. We are not a “cookie cutter” flower shop. Bigger is not necessarily better. A beautiful gift of uniquely unexpected blossoms will live in your heart long after they have faded and gone.
  3. Our doors officially opened on April 1, 1992. We are blessed to celebrate 26 years in business, and we’re still counting!
  4. The business began in my home as a ”Basement Betty” after working many years in the floral industry. Initially, I worked at a greenhouse and plant nursery, then moved into the flower shop, later working at the wholesale level. Prior to opening The Flower Studio, I was a buyer, flower shop director and assistant to my floral mentor at Amlings, the largest floral provider in the Chicagoland area, many years ago.
  5. Working from home provided the opportunity to develop a client list. Weekly hotel and corporate installations, along with personalized weddings, grew the business into our current brick and mortar location at The Continental Towers in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.
  6. The Flower Studio is a “destination” florist. We are a bit challenging to locate, but truly a worthy discovery.  Stop in for sensory overload!
  7. Holidays are magical as we transform our studio into a wonderland with collections of eclectic gifts and home décor. April features elegant and fragrant Lavender Wands from Provence, France, exquisite hand-painted Easter eggs from Austria, and adorable children’s gifts from Maileg, a Danish company with charming little toys that inspire the imagination!
  8. Our specialty is interpreting our customer’s sentiments in life’s momentous occasions. Whether a wedding or celebration, sympathy and loss, The Flower Studio creates unique florals and stunning displays for maximum impact for our personal, hotel and corporate clients.
  9. We truly are a “flower family”.  Jerry Lyons and Krina Koenen are a huge part of The Flower Studio’s success, each with 26 years and 24 years of experience. Each staff member brings a personal touch and charm in serving our customers and clients along with a creative edge and a trained eye for detail. Together, we have a combined 103 years floral experience! 
  10. We delight in working with Jeff and his team at The Huestudio + Company. Jeff brings his colorful imagination and creative ideas to life with flowers as our medium.   

Uniquely unexpected and always elegantly designed, The Huestudio + Company and our clients love and adore The Flower Studio for life’s momentous celebrations, special occasions, gracious gifts and little luxuries.

Trust us…You will, too!


Visit our Gallery to view exclusive images by PhotoGabi, personally selected from our vast portfolio of floral artistry by The Flower Studio. 


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017.

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