Bow Ties + Bunnies!

Celebrate all things colorful with dapper bow ties + adorable chocolate bunnies!

Welcome family, friends and guests to your home and tables with playful patterns, fragrant florals, bouncing bunnies and bright + bold bow ties; bow ties filled with colorful jelly beans for a delicious guest favor + silk bow ties artfully tied onto china plates for a thoughtful gift!

“When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It’s about the reestablishment of the gentleman.”

– Dhani Jones

Custom printed linen menus by Lucky Invitations delightfully welcome guests to each place setting.

Paint-splattered chocolate bon bon’s + bunny noses by Anna Shea Chocolates are artfully presented on pristine white china plates to tempt and indulge all guests. #Yum

Whatever you do.

Where ever you go.

Enjoy every color.

Delight in every pattern.

Always set a beautiful table!

Happy Day from all of us at The Huestudio + Company!


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017. 

Chicks + Ducks

Colors to celebrate. Patterns of playfulness. Textures to tempt.

Go wild with creativity to set charming and festive Easter tablescapes that are certain to delight this holiday season!

Green moss placemats provide a circular base to anchor whimsically frame heirloom floral china plates. Bright sunshine yellow check napkins, folded artfully like a pinwheel, complement the adorable ‘Trio of Chicks” egg-shaped plate.

Real broken egg shells playfully decorate the entire tablescape + tempt guests to engage with textured elements.

Custom hand-painted watercolor menus by EIGHT21 Studios joyfully welcome guests to each place setting.

For delicious guest favors, adorable mini chick bon bon’s by Anna Shea Chocolates were placed in real egg shells along with graffiti-inspired painted eggs. #Yum

A fresh floral centerpiece completes the festive Easter tablescape design with hand-painted eggs, real egg shells and vintage keepsake Annalee duck darlings!

Delight in the details.

Celebrate every color.

Play with patterns.

Tantalize tables with texture! 

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

– Charles Eames

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017. 

Rosy + Serene

Never saw you look quite so pretty before

Never saw you dress quite so handsome – what’s more,


Influenced by extensive travels throughout Asia, be mesmerized by the exquisite details of our recent Easter Party, inspired by Pantone’s dual colors of the year for 2016, Rose Quartz + Serenity.


[Gorgeous Asian-inspired florals by The Flower Studio, a preferred partner]

I could hardly wait to keep our date

This lovely Easter morning

And my heart beat fast as I came through the door



[Custom koi event stationary by EIGHT21 Studios, a preferred partner]


[Luscious Blush Gatsby linens from Over The Top, a preferred partner]


In your Easter bonnet

With all the frills upon it

You’ll be the grandest lady

In the Easter Parade


[Artisan Cherry Blossom Bunny, custom created by Anna Shea Chocolates, a preferred partner]


[Custom Chair Scarf in Rose Quartz by Mark Roscoe, a preferred partner]


[Handcrafted menus + name cards by LBrown Design & Paperie, a preferred partner]

I’ll be all in clover

And when they look you over

I’ll be the proudest fella

In the Easter Parade


 [Artisan Serenity-inspired Easter bunny by Anna Shea Chocolates, a preferred partner]


[Handmade hanging Cherry Blossom boxes by mirabelle studio, a preferred partner]

On the Avenue, Fifth Avenue

The photographers will snap us

And you’ll find that you’re

In the rotogravure


[Custom Asian-inspired table runner by Mark Roscoe, a preferred partner]


Oh, I could write a sonnet

About your Easter bonnet

And of the girl I’m taking

To the Easter Parade


Artisan Delicacies: Anna Shea Chocolates | Custom Coverings: Mark Roscoe | Event Stationary Designers: EIGHT21 Studios + LBrown Design & Paperie | Florals: The Flower Studio |Handmade Boxes: mirabelle studio | Linens: Over The Top, Inc. | Photographer: PhotoGabi, exclusively for The Huestudio + Company | Venue: Schaumburg Golf Club