Boxes of Bespoke Beauty

[Preferred Partner Spotlight: mirabelle studio]

Magical. Magnificent. Masterful. Meaningful. Memorable. mirabelle!

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As lovers of boxes, containers and vessels, we admire unique and special items that encase, hold, protect and safe keep precious offerings. As a preferred partner for several years, we adore and love the talents of artist Judy Lynn of mirabelle studio!

“Break away from the box confining you. Positive dreamers do not follow the status quo. They keep raising the standard of the bar higher and higher. Raise the bar.”

– Israelmore Ayivor



Utilizing only the finest papers from around the world to create limited-edition works of art, hand-made boxes and specialty books, Judy’s pieces are both beautiful and functional, yet free, open and flexible for recipients to complete with their personal memories, dreams or drawings.

mirabelle studio constructs all its exquisite boxes by hand. Boxes are crafted from book binding board, covered in various fabrics and papers and accented with distinctive beads and other interesting items. Original block prints, custom quotes or whimsical sayings are often utilized. No two boxes are exactly alike and every mirabelle studio piece is stamped, signed, dated and numbered.

_MG_9467 _MG_9499

“Everyone is born with an instinct of success, and ability to make it, but only the ones who think out of the box succeed.”

– Unarine Ramaru



We are joyously passionate about mirabelle studio’s bespoke creations and value the creative collaboration process with Judy to design and hand-craft exceptionally unique, custom offerings for discerning clients. These custom offerings create memorable gifts for weddings, milestone celebrations, events, special occasions and other innovative event experiences!

Explore mirabelle studio’s box collection. Like us, you’ll be amazed and in awe with Judy’s expert craftsmanship and exceptional ‘attention to detail’ with every book, box and print.


“You can’t force creatives into a box. If you try, they’ll no longer be creative. And no one will want your box.”

– Ryan Lilly

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Photo Credits: Blueberry + Mango Custom Boxes + Lime + Rasberry Custom Boxes | © Maggie Rife Ponce Photography for The Huestudio + Company; Additional Custom Box Photographs | © PhotoGabi for The Huestudio + Company.

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A Decade of Love

Sea Turtles. Fragrant Leis. Oceanfront Vows. One Magical Wedding Day!

E Hoomau Maua Kealoha | May our love last forever


To commemorate a special wedding event ten years ago, and to celebrate a rich historical reminder to know and respect the ocean, a traditional outrigger canoe adventure was booked in the peaceful waters just off of Polo Beach in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii.

With a love for ocean, tranquility and a preference for the relaxing quietness of early mornings, a perfect beginning to a magical and memorable wedding day on May 25, 2006 was about to occur.


Hawaiian guides expertly navigated the outrigger canoe into the waters and told stories of island lore while paddling. With a sudden stop, and with paddles raised, the canoe glided gently as the lead Hawaiian guide stated in a soft whispering voice, “Just below us is a Hawaiian Honu [sea turtle].” With silence, everyone looked into the clear, deep waters.

In a hushed tone the guide continued, “However, even more special is there are two!”

In silent awe, we watched two giant sea turtles swimming peacefully below. “It is very rare that we see two Honu’s swimming together. What a most memorable sight and a special, magical omen to experience on the morning of your marriage!

You two will be blessed.


Representing longevity, safety and Mana [spiritual energy], the Hawaiian Honu are considered bearers of good luck and peace by Native Hawaiians. The Honu is honored for the wisdom that comes with age and many Hawaiians worship the Honu as their ‘aumakua’ or ancestral spirit guide whose wisdom protects and leads them throughout their lives. 

May 25, 2016 represents a memorable return to The Fairmont Kea Lani and Polo Beach in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii to celebrate ten years of marriage.

A Decade of Love is celebrated with Honu, leis, sunrises, sunsets – and – with the artistry and talents of select preferred partners, with bespoke anniversary gifts!

Delight in their craftsmanship and creativity + the beautiful photographs taken by PhotoGabi!


Ten (10) custom Hawaiian-inspired fabric puzzle boxes were commissioned and hand-crafted by Judy Lynn of mirabelle studio. Each puzzle box held ten (10) commissioned hand-painted watercolor cards, custom created by Carol Massa Woldhuis of EIGHT21 Studios.


Each morning, a unique box with enclosed custom card commemorating favorite Hawaiian songs throughout the years, was presented. Each representing “pieces of a larger puzzle”, ten (10) boxes and cards were received over the course of the anniversary trip to reveal special messages and four (4) quotes of love translated from English to Hawaiian.


A larger custom ‘instruction card’ was created by EIGHT21 Studios designs by Carol Massa Woldhuis with inspiration by a favorite song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World by Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole!


Laura and Jerry Pugh from Lucky Invitations were commissioned to create a special May 25, 2016 anniversary folio for presentation on the actual wedding anniversary.


With a hand-crafted outer box with a 2006 penny representing “the sands of time”, the luxe “sunrise/sunset-inspired” mango silk folio [complete with leather braided cording and a diamond starfish embellishment], contained letterpress messages of love, sentiments and celebration presented on hand-hammered copper sheets backed in blue silk representing the ocean.



Inspired by a unique sea shell picked up from Polo Beach ten years ago during wedding portraits, the original sea shell was utilized by Jim Mitchell of Mitchell’s Jewelers to create custom 18K gold cultured Akoya pearl earrings, complete with 2016 dimes to commemorate the 10-year special occasion.



Presented in a custom mirabelle studio puzzle box along with a EIGHT21 Studios watercolor card, “My heart tells me that I love you, More than all the little pearly shells!”


Married by the Maui born and raised Reverend Valentin (Tino) Rosete on May 25, 2006 to the sounds of the slack key guitar, and presented with traditional Hawaiian flower leis representing the unbroken circle of eternal commitment and devotion to one another, we share love, kindness and joy with each of you, today and always! 




Ei-Ah Eha-No. Ka Malohia Oh-Na-Lani. Mea A-Ku A-Pau

May peace from above rest upon you and remain with you now and forever


*To create your own bespoke special events and extraordinary occasions that are memorable, we hope you’ll consider Imprint at The Huestudio + Company. Learn more!

Photo Credits:© PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2016.

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Celebrate Women!

Celebrate and honor the special women in your life who make a difference in the lives of those they touch!


In honor of A Silver Lining Foundation, a 2015 preferred charitable partner of The Huestudio + Company, and their Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program, we “Celebrate Women” with exclusive gift offerings from seven (7) exceptional women-owned preferred partners. Shop Now + Make A Difference from April 15, 2015 through May 15, 2015!

15004_Flyer_v5 copy

A Sweet Delivery

Delicious. Decadent. Delectable. A Sweet Silver Lining (ASLF) is an exclusive, chic candy collection arriving in a one-piece, white, 8×8 inch gift box, with a silver lining of course! Designed by owner Amy DiTomasso, this deluxe gift includes a trio of 2.5 x 7 inch, 1 lb. round containers, effortlessly complimented with gourmet candies, creating a fashionably chic confection collection.

IMG_3685Visit A Sweet Delivery to purchase A Sweet Silver Lining (ASLF) directly. *30% of proceeds Give Back!

Anna Shea ChocolatesIMG_3688Indulge and honor all special women in your life with elegant, handcrafted delights from Anna Shea Chocolates! In celebration, owner Debra Jenrette designed the exclusive “Turn Up the Pink” 6-piece box and the “Turn Up the Pink” 12-piece box to honor A Silver Lining Foundation. These jewel-like creations are “works of art in chocolate” and are certain to impress everyone, especially Mothers and all precious women!

IMG_3687Visit Anna Shea Chocolates to purchase the “Turn Up the Pink” 6-piece box and the “Turn Up the Pink” 12-piece box directly. You may also select “Customize It” to choose your own flavors, too! *30% of proceeds Give Back!

Are You Kidding?

IMG_3670Stand Out! Be Noticed! These adorable Breast Cancer Research socks from Are You Kidding? are designed by kids for kids to allow other kids to “look cool”. Owned by mother Rachel Martinez, son Sebastian is the 7-year old CEO and his older brother Brandon is the D.O.S. [Director of Sales].

IMG_3690Visit Are You Kidding? to purchase Breast Cancer Black + Breast Cancer Pink socks directly. NOTE: Enter coupon code ASLF to ensure % of give back. Shipping is only $.99. *25% of proceeds Give Back

Jan Lewis Designs

These Circle of Colors bangles from Jan Lewis Designs, charmingly named Licorice and Marshmallow, were designed by Jan Lewis, wife of jazz legend, Ramsey Lewis. The colorful, lightweight bangle bracelets, in signature dot circular patterns, are hand-painted in slight relief adding texture as an important element to each design. The multi-colored artisanal Fair Trade bangles can be worn singly or paired and stacked with other complimentary styles in the collection.

BenefitTrioVisit Jan Lewis Designs to purchase Circle of Colors directly. Free Shipping is included for all orders!  *30% of proceeds Give Back!

Kiku Handmade

These stunning modern fused glass art pieces are hand-designed in the Oak Park, Illinois glass studio of Kiku Handmade by owner Laurie Freivogel, exclusively for A Silver Lining Foundation’s Buy A Mom A Mammogram® Program. The custom pale pink lace circular design is printed onto clear glass, layered over transparent silver gray and opaque wispy pink-white glasses, then fused in a kiln. Glass is cold worked, then returned to the kiln to slump into final bowl, dish and coaster shapes.

hue_ASLF_allVisit Kiku Handmade to purchase directly + use promo code ASLF15 for an additional 15% customer discount. Shop A Silver Lining Foundation Catch-all Dish, A Silver Lining Foundation Coaster 2-pack and A Silver Lining Foundation Large Bowl. *25% of proceeds Give Back!

mirabelle studio

Seeking out the finest papers from around the globe, owner Judy Lynn creates limited edition works of art, exquisite handmade boxes and blank books by hand. Influenced by nature, her bird-inspired monoprints are produced on smooth, bright white acid-free rag paper and are unframed for easy shipping.


IMG_4445“Nuthatches” monoprint, 5 x 8 inches. $50.00; “In the Tall Grass” monoprint, 8 x 8 inches. $50.00; “Flock” monoprint, 8 x 8 inches. $50.00.

To order, email directly. Use promo code SILVER LINING in the subject line to receive a 20% customer discount. *50% of proceeds Give Back!

Photography by Revealed Studios

The photography duo of Laurie Peacock and Maggie Rife Ponce have created a “Mom’s Ultimate Day Out”, an ultra-glamorous photoshoot designed to not only make you feel like a superstar for a day, including custom hair and make-up styling, but leave you with the pictures to prove it!  *25% of proceeds give back!

IMG_3680* Giving Back! A percentage of proceeds from select sales will be directly donated to A Silver Lining Foundation and the Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program by each preferred partner. Shop Now!

An Exclusive Offering! 

Orchid, raspberry, coral and rose colored circles intermingle with silver-grey circular rings on this custom, handmade box by Judy Lynn of mirabelle studio. The twin lids open in opposite, ying-yang directions to reveal two interior compartments lined in textured metallic silver paper and features rose quartz beads, known for their calming and healing properties. Each custom box is stamped, signed, dated and numbered.

IMG_2538 IMG_2549Offered at $135.00 through Gifts that Give, this exclusive gift offering provides one (1) free mammogram to A Silver Lining Foundation and the Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program for someone in need.

Our seven (7) women-owned preferred partners have created exceptional gift offerings exclusive to A Silver Lining Foundation. View all productsShop Now!

Based on the philosophy of Dr. Sandy Goldberg’s mother, Evelyn Goldberg, ”We are all family and we have to help each other through the tough times.”

We are passionate, committed and dedicated to our communities and about giving back.

Visit The Huestudio + Company for additional information about our Community Commitment and Circle of Colors.




It’s rare. It’s orderly. It’s magical!

This past Saturday, December 13, 2014 [ 12.13.14 ], was a memorable and special birth date!

It’s the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years [ January 2, 2034 = 1.2.34 ] and will not occur again for another 100 years on 12.13.2114! For cryogenic fans, it’s 1,000 years until 3014.

Penny RedFor a rare, precious and special lady – Penny Jean Thomas – the date of 12.13.14 represented a magical milestone birthday! We celebrated in grand style a life well loved; a life well lived!

A pre-birthday dinner was held at Paradiso on Friday evening, December 12 with a scrumptious meal. Homemade hazelnut gelato was prepared table side! A rare and special treat! Simply amazing. Simply delicious!

photo 2Upon returning to the hotel, an artfully-arranged special surprise awaited on the bed with six (6) small balloon bouquets, each representing the numbers of 12.13.14!

photo 4

photo 3Six (6) additional large balloon towers with 12.13.14 were placed by the terrace doors and six (6) dozen white, pink and purple helium-filled balloons filled the ceiling to herald special birthday festivities! All balloons were later donated to a local children’s hospital to brighten their spirits with colorful joy!

photo 1photo 5

December 13, 2014 began with an amazing sunrise over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The Birthday Fairy appeared with special gifts that were exclusively crafted to mark the celebratory occasion and magical date.

photo 1A custom “Penny Box” was commissioned from the exquisitely talented mirabelle studio and artist/owner, Judy Lynn!

DSC_1029Created and covered in black silk fabric, and adorned with a copper marbled momi paper circle top and bright new 2014 penny, this one-of-a-kind creation contained a personal message printed around the inside of the box in ivory, ‘Circle of Colors’ custom fabric.


DSC_1036Inside, a small copper/green grid paper box, stamped, hand-signed, dated and numbered, contained custom-designed “2014 Penny Earrings”, exclusively hand-crafted by Jim Mitchell of Mitchell’s Jewelers Ltd. in downtown Arlington Heights, Illinois.


DSC_1026The 18K gold earrings featured an actual 18K 2014 penny on the back [ to memorialize the special occasion and year! ].



DSC_0995Two (2) 0.60 diamond cut bezel set rubies, complemented by four (4) 0.15 full cut bezel set diamonds, created stunningly gorgeous milestone birthday earrings to cherish and remember!

photo 1Copper penny balls adorned white manzanita trees to welcome us to JOVÉ at The Four Seasons Palm Beach for birthday cocktails and an amazing birthday dining experience on the evening of 12.13.14.

photo 2On 12.13.14, we celebrated and honored a classically elegant lady on a very special milestone birthday!

photo 2Not again for another 100 years, just like the memorable date, will there ever be a wonderfully kind and magnificent woman, as our dear and precious Penny!

item 3At some point in everyone’s life, everyone should be adored, loved and celebrated! Allow The Huestudio + Company to create your next memorable affair, with style and elegance!

Photo Credits: Custom Penny Box | © PhotoGabi for The Huestudio + Company, 2014; Small Green/Copper Box | © PhotoGabi for The Huestudio + Company, 2014; Custom Penny Earrings | © PhotoGabi for The Huestudio + Company, 2014.

Our Favorites for 2013!

“When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.”

– Mary Baker Eddy

 Happy Holidays Friends of The Huestudio + Company!

IMG_2823The bold and festive color – Chartreuse – was selected for December 2013! This color, halfway between green and yellow, serves as inspiration for Our Favorites for 2013!  

The color Chartreuse was named due to its resemblance to the French liqueur called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764. Known as the Elixir of Long Life, Chartreuse dates back to the early 1600’s when a monastery out of Vauvert, France started crafting the complex recipe using natural plants and herbs. Intended as a cure-all, rather than a beverage, monks adapted the formula in 1764 to make what is know today as “Green Chartreuse” liqueur. The recipe is still very much a secret, and to this day, only two monks know how to identify, blend and distill the 130 plants and herbs needed to produce Chartreuse.

As we close out 2013 and begin a new year in 2014, we are honored to share select preferred partners who have become Our Favorites for 2013!

Their products, services and offerings reflect the excellence and exceptional high standards that clients have come to expect of The Huestudio + Company, LLC. Share our joy and love for these special organizations and small businesses and visit our Preferred Partner section for more!


We love Discovery Arts!

ImageThis amazing non-profit organization brings art, dance, drama and music to children with cancer and life threatening illnesses while in the hospital receiving treatment. Miracles are witnessed everyday, as sick children get out of bed and delight in “Arts Adventures” filled with fun, creativity and joy. All programs and services are free and Discovery Arts relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to survive and grow. Cathy Rigby is their spokesperson and board member and The Huestudio + Company is proud to support Discovery Arts through select products for sale in our online store.

Recently on an adventure to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we visited Tabitha Foundation Cambodia and were captivated!

Image 8Their mission is to recognize and develop inherent skills and resources which bring dignity and respect to the people and country of Cambodia. Tabitha Foundation Cambodia provides a regular income for widowed mothers, landmine victims, street women, AIDS sufferers, orphaned singled women, drought victims and other poorest of the poor through hand-crafted products and offerings.

In early 2014, our online store will begin featuring select products which use local Cambodian materials such as hand-dyed and locally woven silks. These unique and special offerings will allow people to purchase food, clothing, medicine, place children into schools, and buy land to build small, but sturdy homes.

In the spirit and generosity of the holiday season, if you’d like to donate to either Discovery Arts or Tabitha Cambodia, contact us for more information. May you be blessed with the joys of Our Favorites for 2013, and beyond!

Image 1Throughout 2013, The Huestudio + Company has been honored to highlight the vibrant, multi-colored bangles from Jan Lewis Designs. Spotlighting the color chartreuse for December 2013, Jan’s coriander multi triangle bangle is a perfect choice! This unique bangle may be worn by itself or paired and stacked with Jan’s twenty six (26) newest designs in her collection!

ImageVisit her website to view all designs and take advantage of special holiday pricing! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Jan Lewis Designs in 2014, including The Huestudio + Company’s “Circle of Colors” collaboration on two new and colorful bangles that are sure to delight!

Capturing Moments

Photography, at its best, is a powerful language which speaks directly to our emotions. This allows us to tell a story and show others our insights and perspectives of the world around us. Photographs tell us what is important. They are part of our legacy. They allow us to share and to communicate. They make us artists. Photography has the power to move us.


Maggie Rife Ponce is a preferred photographer of The Huestudio + Company, LLC. She is a storytelling wedding, portrait and travel photographer looking to capture magical moments in time, like bottling lightning bugs in a jar. Her subjects range from the father of the bride to indigenous natives on the other side of our world. Whatever she is photographing, Maggie’s sensitive nature and desire to understand her subjects fully, leads to still frames eternalizing the simple human exchanges and emotions of everyday life. Simply said, her photographs are amazing works of art. Visit her website for more spectacular photographs!


As a preferred photographer, Phyllis Delaney of The Peddler’s Den in Woodland Park, Colorado, loves taking pictures of all things in nature. This gives her a sense of peace and connectedness to something bigger than the craziness that sometimes surrounds us.

Image 3With the enhancement of our online store in 2014, The Huestudio + Company will collaborate with The Peddler’s Den on unique “Circle of Colors” offerings for simple gift giving and unique guest favors that can be customized with desired color palettes.

Contact Phyllis for more offerings and stay tuned for exciting items in early 2014!

Cupcakes + Cookies

Two perennial favorites for The Huestudio + Company throughout 2013 are Swirlz Cupcakes and Chicago Butter Cookies. Both small businesses have exceptional product offerings, are adored and beloved by clients and are always delightful to work with for any event, wedding celebration or special occasion!

Image 2Swirlz Cupcakes, located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, are baked from scratch daily using only the finest ingredients. Artfully decorated with luscious two-tone frosting combinations + topped with Swirlz house-made delicacies, you immediately forget you’re indulging in a delicious guilty pleasure.

Image 4

In addition to their full-size cupcakes, Swirlz Cupcakes also bakes bite size mini-cupcakes which are perfect for weddings, sweet tables and adorable guest favors. Their unique and creative 6″ or 8″ cakes features 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling, not to mention, playfully elegant presentations. Their special “cupcake cake” is a delight, but then again, all offerings are simply deliciously divine! Visit their website for additional offerings and flavors! 

Image 14Chicago Butter Cookies are simply delicious! These light-as-a-feather, heart-shaped butter cookies are sinfully scrumptious treats that sure to warm the hearts of all who indulge.

Image 15As President and Chief Cookie Officer, Mary Astor Smithe has been perfecting her Croatian grandmother’s butter cookie recipe for years. Each wholesome cookie contains high-quality, all natural ingredients. While the original butter variety is delicious, tempt your palette with the effects of chocolate and seal salt, a hint of orange zest, or chocolate and mint in Mary’s fun and playful packaging. Clever box names of The Chicago Signature, The Pier, The Orange Line and The Gold Coast are a nod to many of Chicago’s favorite areas.  

Contact us to plan your next event or occasion with Chicago Butter Cookies + visit their website for more!

Image 5

In the spirit of uniqueness and rarities, we are proud to feature these amazing chartreuse-inspired art glass pieces from Bloyd Art Glass. The blown, sculpted and textured glass heart is ground on one side for unique displays. Recently viewed at Chicago’s One of a Kind Show, these stunning pieces are works of fine art that are featured in galleries and collections around the world. Contact us for unique gifts for special events, weddings and celebrations.

Image 11We also feature and spotlight the highly creative and colorful Mirabelle Studio as another one of Our Favorites for 2013! Owner and artist Judy Lynn likes to mix things up when she designs her books, boxes and prints. She combines her own block print images and exquisite papers with traditional book art techniques to create pieces of art that are striking and functional. Her background in graphic design and smallest, attention-to-details are evident in every items she crafts.

Image 12

In early 2014, The Huestudio + Company will collaborate with Mirabelle Studio on a distinctive “Circle of Colors” offering for our enhanced online store. Stay tuned!

From all of us at The Huestudio + Company, we hope you will share our joy and love for these special organizations and small businesses this holiday season and into 2014, and beyond. Visit our Preferred Partner section for more!

Photography Credits: Alyssa the Angel | © 2013, Discovery Arts; Hand-crafted Cambodian Silk Mobile Phone Pouches | © 2013, Tabitha Foundation Cambodia; Jan Lewis Designs logo | © 2013, Jan Lewis Designs; Coriander multi triangle bangle in narrow | © 2013, Jan Lewis Designs; Chartreuse Champagne Cocktail | © 2013, Rife Ponce Photography; Chartreuse Mojito with Pepper Garnish | © 2013, Rife Ponce Photography; Butterflies are Free| © 2013, Phyllis Delaney of The Peddler’s Den; Specialty Cakes by Swirlz Cupcakes | © 2013, Swirlz Cupcakes; The Signature by Chicago Butter Cookies | © 2013, Chicago Butter Cookies, LLC; Portrait of President and Chief Cookie Officer Mary Astor Smithe | © 2013, Chicago Butter Cookies, LLC; Chartreuse Hand-blown Heart | © 2013, Bloyd Art Glass; Chartreuse Hand-blown Vessels | © 2013, Bloyd Art Glass; Hand-crafted journals | © 2013, Mirabelle Studio; Hand-designed bird prints | © 2013, Mirabelle Studio.