10 Years of Collaboration | PhotoGabi

As we Celebrate a Decade of The Huestudio + Company throughout 2018, we also celebrate and honor many years of creative collaboration with Preferred Partners; unique artisans that are personally-curated and extensively vetted by our team to offer exquisitely-curated event experiences.

February 2018 spotlights the extraordinary talents of PhotoGabi!

Gabriel “Gabi” Bucataru, the talented artist behind PhotoGabiregularly captures our crazy ideas, unique concepts and innovative visions with his detailed photographic eye.

As one of our preferred photographers and favorite collaborators, enjoy reading about him and his unique passions.

  1. Bucataru means “cook” in Romanian [that’s where I’m from], and that’s exactly what I want to be when I grow up. Besides being a photographer, of course. But I really love cooking.
  2. Cooking and photography seem to go together well in my world since I really enjoy taking photos of anything I might have on the menu on the days I am on dinner duty for my family. Even if it comes to having groggy, hungry kids and a wife waiting until I finish taking photos of every possible angle of the completed dish. Anything for art!
  3. Deep down I want to be a movie director. That’s when I picked up the video camera and started playing with the medium of video. Anything from writing scripts, storytelling and cinematography to sometimes acting, excites me greatly.
  4. The devil is into details, and so am I. There’s so much story under the surface of my everyday, mundane subjects. Discovering and capturing that on my camera can mean the day for me.
  5. Each photoshoot is a challenge, just like life is. That’s what excites me – be it people, portraits or still life.
  6. I love the smell of film. Literally. I grew up in communist Romania, where as a teenager tinkering with my Dad’s Soviet film camera – and having a dark room in the house – I was able to develop and see coming to life the photos I took. Since then, I got this bug which now re-appears in the form of filming with an old 16mm Bolex or taking photos on 120 format dual-reflex film cameras. The colors, grain and feel [not to speak of the scent] of film, brings something so organic about the story in them, one can almost touch it. Call it nostalgia.
  7. I take my camera wherever I go, so my portfolio varies from food [of course!] to off-roading in a sandy forest somewhere in Florida.
  8. The largest portion of my portfolio is shot for stock at the coolest Canadian co-op agency called Stocksywww.stocksy.com/photogabi ]. That’s where you’ll find me 99% posting and displaying my latest meanderings. Chances are that you might have seen one of my photos in an ad or article in a magazine or on a billboard somewhere on your trips.
  9. Each photoshoot opportunity is different, which can be intimidating at first, but it almost always ends with something new learned and discovered.
  10. Life is an art in itself, and creative opportunities are at every step. I am eager to see what’s in store, and feel privileged to be able to capture them even if only 1/100 of a second [if lighting is proper].


View our Gallery to be mesmerized by Gabi’s Top Ten photographs, beautifully captured for discerning clients and festive fêtes. Everyone has a story.


Photo Credits:© PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company.

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