10 Years of Collaboration | PhotoGabi

As we Celebrate a Decade of The Huestudio + Company throughout 2018, we also celebrate and honor many years of creative collaboration with Preferred Partners; unique artisans that are personally-curated and extensively vetted by our team to offer exquisitely-curated event experiences.

February 2018 spotlights the extraordinary talents of PhotoGabi!

Gabriel “Gabi” Bucataru, the talented artist behind PhotoGabiregularly captures our crazy ideas, unique concepts and innovative visions with his detailed photographic eye.

As one of our preferred photographers and favorite collaborators, enjoy reading about him and his unique passions.

  1. Bucataru means “cook” in Romanian [that’s where I’m from], and that’s exactly what I want to be when I grow up. Besides being a photographer, of course. But I really love cooking.
  2. Cooking and photography seem to go together well in my world since I really enjoy taking photos of anything I might have on the menu on the days I am on dinner duty for my family. Even if it comes to having groggy, hungry kids and a wife waiting until I finish taking photos of every possible angle of the completed dish. Anything for art!
  3. Deep down I want to be a movie director. That’s when I picked up the video camera and started playing with the medium of video. Anything from writing scripts, storytelling and cinematography to sometimes acting, excites me greatly.
  4. The devil is into details, and so am I. There’s so much story under the surface of my everyday, mundane subjects. Discovering and capturing that on my camera can mean the day for me.
  5. Each photoshoot is a challenge, just like life is. That’s what excites me – be it people, portraits or still life.
  6. I love the smell of film. Literally. I grew up in communist Romania, where as a teenager tinkering with my Dad’s Soviet film camera – and having a dark room in the house – I was able to develop and see coming to life the photos I took. Since then, I got this bug which now re-appears in the form of filming with an old 16mm Bolex or taking photos on 120 format dual-reflex film cameras. The colors, grain and feel [not to speak of the scent] of film, brings something so organic about the story in them, one can almost touch it. Call it nostalgia.
  7. I take my camera wherever I go, so my portfolio varies from food [of course!] to off-roading in a sandy forest somewhere in Florida.
  8. The largest portion of my portfolio is shot for stock at the coolest Canadian co-op agency called Stocksywww.stocksy.com/photogabi ]. That’s where you’ll find me 99% posting and displaying my latest meanderings. Chances are that you might have seen one of my photos in an ad or article in a magazine or on a billboard somewhere on your trips.
  9. Each photoshoot opportunity is different, which can be intimidating at first, but it almost always ends with something new learned and discovered.
  10. Life is an art in itself, and creative opportunities are at every step. I am eager to see what’s in store, and feel privileged to be able to capture them even if only 1/100 of a second [if lighting is proper].


View our Gallery to be mesmerized by Gabi’s Top Ten photographs, beautifully captured for discerning clients and festive fêtes. Everyone has a story.


Photo Credits:© PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company.

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Hey Dude! A Baby Shower, Just for You!

Man Showers and Dad Showers are widely popular, ever growing and a natural extension of modern parenting and equality. Less about gifts, and more about the male bonding experience, these unique baby showers bring men into the folds of anticipated fatherhood through innovative baby celebrations and special events!

So, what makes a baby shower the kind that men desire to attend?

Delight in these unique Dad Shower event experiences, custom designed by The Huestudio + Company! Curated just for that special man in your life, we proudly feature custom, hand-painted watercolor event stationery from EIGHT21 Studios + stunning photography by PhotoGabi, two of our favorite preferred partners!


Over the Moon! For a first time father-to-be who may be a bit more casual, relaxed and cost conscious, a display shower might be a perfect option! Trends are changing to reduce, reuse and recycle so forego elaborate paper and ribbons and request unwrapped gifts that can be artfully displayed for all to see.

Invite guests to BYOB [Bring Your Own Bottles] which may include craft beers and boxed wines, along with new baby bottles! With an “Over the Moon” dad shower theme, create a starlit evening competition of cornhole/baggo games, complete with Blue Moon beers and diaper-wrapped bean bags tossed into custom ‘babies in the buff’ whimsical platforms! Go ahead. Shoot the Moon!


Donuts + Dads! To recognize and honor the busy and hardworking father-to-be, plan an early morning office celebration or low key weekend affair at home. Cater office celebrations with a “Donut Drive By” utilizing local food trucks offering handmade gourmet donuts. For an engaging Dad Shower experience, partner with a local bakery/caterer to make hot and fresh mini-donuts on-site, allowing guests to select flavors and choose fun toppings. #DudeItWasSweet 

Design and craft your own “Sweet Munchkin” donut wall allowing guests to handpick uniquely innovative doughnuts from local artisans, while offering coffees, specialty teas and festive libations. Vanilla Bean Glazed + Red Velvet doughnuts from Glazed and Infused are local Chicago favorites! Don’t be crazed…be amused! 


Fore! Bogey’s, Birdies, Bib and Babies. For active men and golf lovers alike, a local country club golf experience or destination adventure to a luxury golf resort might be ‘taylor made’ for a spirited and competitive dad shower. A clever “Pro Shop” can be shared and included on guest invitations for baby gift and apparel registries. Custom, personalized keepsake golf towels may complete this unique dad shower.

Upon arrival at the golf event, guests generously gift the father-to-be with golf balls, tees and baby bibs for the new family addition, plus ‘buy-in’ with $10-$25 to demonstrate expert putting skills in a competition putting contest, prior to teeing off. Dollar amounts may be pre-selected for bogey’s [1-over par] and birdies [1-under par], and following play, scores are tabulated with all funds gifted to the new father-to-be during post-event, “19th Hole” clubhouse celebrations! #AboveParMan


* The Huestudio + Company was recently honored to be one of ten event designers for Operation Shower and the “Little Works of Art” baby shower, sponsored by The Barclay’s and Birdies for the Brave held in August 2016 at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, New York. Operation Shower is a Preferred Charitable Partner of The Huestudio + Company.

** Read our latest guest blog posts for Rosie Pope where we share our favorite baby shower favors!


Beer. BBQ. Diapers. This dad shower has all the right fixin’s for a fun and lively event for all, especially dudes! To celebrate ‘six-pack abs’ + an upcoming new baby, bring a 6-pack [or more!] of your favorite beers, turn up the heat and smoke on desired BBQ offerings, and gift the new father-to-be with new diaper packs. Further enhance dad shower celebrations by engaging a favorite local band to provide live music, and for added flavor, partner with innovative local beer companies to offer craft beers in food trucks. Tap + Trucks + Tiny Toes = A New Baby is Brewing!


Plan accordingly. At a minimum, have your Dad Shower at least six to eight weeks, prior to the due date. Invite and include any/all male friends and family members. Dude, it’s your choice to keep guest lists reserved to just the guys, but don’t forget to consult with the mother-to-be…she just might have other thoughts and ideas!

With more stay-at-home dads and more involvement + an increased interest in parenting overall, celebrating fatherhood and Dad Showers is oh so, cool! Visit Oh Baby! in Celebrations at The Huestudio + Company for more! 

Go for it gentlemen, and enjoy!


Jeff Huges Portrait Photoshoot

Jeff Hughes is the Chief Experience Officer for The Huestudio + Company.

As artisans of exquisitely-curated event experiences™, The Huestudio + Company exclusively partners with the finest purveyors and talent to design and create magical special events and memorable celebrations. We are honored to support local small businesses with offerings and products 100% Made in the USA! #supportlocalartisans

Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi, exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2016.

Magic Behind The Lens

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

– Ernst Haas

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[ Preferred Partner Spotlight: PhotoGabi ]

Smiling black girl on grass with crocus flowers

pho·to·graph | ˈfōdəˌɡraf/ | fotografie | poză

The beauty, simplicity and elegance is immediate. Using color, texture, pattern and brilliant lighting, stunning works of photography are envisioned and ultimately produce memorable compositions with creative imagination!

We are proud to spotlight the colorful and multi-faceted photography talents of PhotoGabi, a preferred partner of The Huestudio + Company.


Gabriel “Gabi” Bucataru is the Gabi part in PhotoGabi. Growing up in Romania playing with his father’s 35mm film camera shaped the Photo side. Together, they create magic and memories through the visually creative medium of photography.

Film scan shot on a Nikon F100, with 35mm lens, using Ilford HP5 400, 35mm film

We invite you to explore the extraordinary talents of PhotoGabi in our photo gallery below. Drinks. Fine Art. Food. Motion. People. Product. Stage. 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

– Aaron Siskind

View photo gallery

Celebrate Women!

Celebrate and honor the special women in your life who make a difference in the lives of those they touch!


In honor of A Silver Lining Foundation, a 2015 preferred charitable partner of The Huestudio + Company, and their Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program, we “Celebrate Women” with exclusive gift offerings from seven (7) exceptional women-owned preferred partners. Shop Now + Make A Difference from April 15, 2015 through May 15, 2015!

15004_Flyer_v5 copy

A Sweet Delivery

Delicious. Decadent. Delectable. A Sweet Silver Lining (ASLF) is an exclusive, chic candy collection arriving in a one-piece, white, 8×8 inch gift box, with a silver lining of course! Designed by owner Amy DiTomasso, this deluxe gift includes a trio of 2.5 x 7 inch, 1 lb. round containers, effortlessly complimented with gourmet candies, creating a fashionably chic confection collection.

IMG_3685Visit A Sweet Delivery to purchase A Sweet Silver Lining (ASLF) directly. *30% of proceeds Give Back!

Anna Shea ChocolatesIMG_3688Indulge and honor all special women in your life with elegant, handcrafted delights from Anna Shea Chocolates! In celebration, owner Debra Jenrette designed the exclusive “Turn Up the Pink” 6-piece box and the “Turn Up the Pink” 12-piece box to honor A Silver Lining Foundation. These jewel-like creations are “works of art in chocolate” and are certain to impress everyone, especially Mothers and all precious women!

IMG_3687Visit Anna Shea Chocolates to purchase the “Turn Up the Pink” 6-piece box and the “Turn Up the Pink” 12-piece box directly. You may also select “Customize It” to choose your own flavors, too! *30% of proceeds Give Back!

Are You Kidding?

IMG_3670Stand Out! Be Noticed! These adorable Breast Cancer Research socks from Are You Kidding? are designed by kids for kids to allow other kids to “look cool”. Owned by mother Rachel Martinez, son Sebastian is the 7-year old CEO and his older brother Brandon is the D.O.S. [Director of Sales].

IMG_3690Visit Are You Kidding? to purchase Breast Cancer Black + Breast Cancer Pink socks directly. NOTE: Enter coupon code ASLF to ensure % of give back. Shipping is only $.99. *25% of proceeds Give Back

Jan Lewis Designs

These Circle of Colors bangles from Jan Lewis Designs, charmingly named Licorice and Marshmallow, were designed by Jan Lewis, wife of jazz legend, Ramsey Lewis. The colorful, lightweight bangle bracelets, in signature dot circular patterns, are hand-painted in slight relief adding texture as an important element to each design. The multi-colored artisanal Fair Trade bangles can be worn singly or paired and stacked with other complimentary styles in the collection.

BenefitTrioVisit Jan Lewis Designs to purchase Circle of Colors directly. Free Shipping is included for all orders!  *30% of proceeds Give Back!

Kiku Handmade

These stunning modern fused glass art pieces are hand-designed in the Oak Park, Illinois glass studio of Kiku Handmade by owner Laurie Freivogel, exclusively for A Silver Lining Foundation’s Buy A Mom A Mammogram® Program. The custom pale pink lace circular design is printed onto clear glass, layered over transparent silver gray and opaque wispy pink-white glasses, then fused in a kiln. Glass is cold worked, then returned to the kiln to slump into final bowl, dish and coaster shapes.

hue_ASLF_allVisit Kiku Handmade to purchase directly + use promo code ASLF15 for an additional 15% customer discount. Shop A Silver Lining Foundation Catch-all Dish, A Silver Lining Foundation Coaster 2-pack and A Silver Lining Foundation Large Bowl. *25% of proceeds Give Back!

mirabelle studio

Seeking out the finest papers from around the globe, owner Judy Lynn creates limited edition works of art, exquisite handmade boxes and blank books by hand. Influenced by nature, her bird-inspired monoprints are produced on smooth, bright white acid-free rag paper and are unframed for easy shipping.


IMG_4445“Nuthatches” monoprint, 5 x 8 inches. $50.00; “In the Tall Grass” monoprint, 8 x 8 inches. $50.00; “Flock” monoprint, 8 x 8 inches. $50.00.

To order, email judy@mirabellestudio.com directly. Use promo code SILVER LINING in the subject line to receive a 20% customer discount. *50% of proceeds Give Back!

Photography by Revealed Studios

The photography duo of Laurie Peacock and Maggie Rife Ponce have created a “Mom’s Ultimate Day Out”, an ultra-glamorous photoshoot designed to not only make you feel like a superstar for a day, including custom hair and make-up styling, but leave you with the pictures to prove it!  *25% of proceeds give back!

IMG_3680* Giving Back! A percentage of proceeds from select sales will be directly donated to A Silver Lining Foundation and the Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program by each preferred partner. Shop Now!

An Exclusive Offering! 

Orchid, raspberry, coral and rose colored circles intermingle with silver-grey circular rings on this custom, handmade box by Judy Lynn of mirabelle studio. The twin lids open in opposite, ying-yang directions to reveal two interior compartments lined in textured metallic silver paper and features rose quartz beads, known for their calming and healing properties. Each custom box is stamped, signed, dated and numbered.

IMG_2538 IMG_2549Offered at $135.00 through Gifts that Give, this exclusive gift offering provides one (1) free mammogram to A Silver Lining Foundation and the Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program for someone in need.

Our seven (7) women-owned preferred partners have created exceptional gift offerings exclusive to A Silver Lining Foundation. View all productsShop Now!

Based on the philosophy of Dr. Sandy Goldberg’s mother, Evelyn Goldberg, ”We are all family and we have to help each other through the tough times.”

We are passionate, committed and dedicated to our communities and about giving back.

Visit The Huestudio + Company for additional information about our Community Commitment and Circle of Colors.


Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”


Today, we honor and uphold the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who dedicated his life to fighting for justice and civil rights.

We join today with many around the globe in remembering this role model in service and leadership for our nation, today and every day.

Be blessed today with peace, joy and love in your life, and the lives of other.


“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Photo Credits: Hands Together | © Kerry Murphy, 2014; Friends + Flip Flops | © PhotoGabi, 2014.