Partner Spotlight! Concentric Design

[Preferred Partner Spotlight: Concentric Design]

Chic. Classic. Creative. Colorful. Collaborative. Concentric!

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Concentric Design is a Chicago-based graphic design firm that specializes in visual identity, digital and print design projects for a variety of clients seeking to positively impact their customers and communities.

An organization’s identity is much more than a logo, so in early 2012, The Huestudio + Company selected Concentric Design to further define our brand and develop a new website. As one of our longest and loyal Preferred Partners, we couldn’t be more proud of the exceptional design work they created for our team. 

For our June 2017 Preferred Partner Spotlight, we posed two key questions that are often asked of our exclusive, invitation-only network of the finest artisans.

Read their thoughtful responses + consider partnering with Concentric Design to define your audiences, design an effective brand platform, and deliver messaging that resonates. Taking brands to screens big and small and the printed page, they focus on smart user experience, maximizing conversions, and making content shine. 

Why is color important in design?

Color is one of the most important elements in designing a brand. Colors act as psychological triggers for many different emotions helping to quickly explain to your clients or customers how you want them to feel about your business.

Blue is often used to provide a sense of trust and professionalism, which is why healthcare and government tend to use it. Green is full of energy and evokes a sense of closeness to nature. Red is energetic, impulsive and feels powerful. Color helps to generate our perceptions, directly or indirectly, and that makes it a powerful tool.

Color allows designers to convey certain messages or actions quickly and without relying on words. If used properly, it also helps to guide the eye, highlighting important information, and in the case of web and app design, guiding users to where actions need to be taken.

What are you most proud of with your design with The Huestudio + Company?

We know that Jeff not only loves color, but he also has quite a colorful personality. From the very beginning of developing The Huestudio + Company identity, we knew color would play a key role. One hurdle to using a lot of color is how to balance that energy and excitement with a feeling of professionalism and seriousness, when necessary.

Our strongest ally in the use of color is not a color at all… it’s white! By maximizing the use of whitespace in The Huestudio + Company designs, we’re able to use all of these bright colors without being overwhelming or feeling too childish, resulting in designs that are vibrant, exciting and professional.

We’re proud to have been able to provide The Huestudio + Company with an identity that represents its services and expresses its personality in a unique and identifiable way—it’s one of the most appreciated projects in our portfolio!


To view the exciting and innovative projects of Concentric Design, follow them on Instagram, check out their full portfolio or send them a note at 

We love their extraordinary talents – and – know you will too! 

Five Things to Know About Us

Happy May 2017! As we begin the fifth month of 2017, we thought it was time for you to get to know us better.

Here are five (5) unique things you may or may not know about us at The Huestudio + Company.

We love luscious flowers. All types. All colors. All varieties. But, we especially love orchids, peonies and tulips. April showers do bring May flowers and The Flower Studio, a long time preferred partner, always delivers and never disappoints!

“Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers.”

– May Sarton

We love to travel. Anywhere. Everywhere. Anytime. Whether for exotic destination weddings or private events abroad, our whimsical bags are always ready + packed. We especially love our adventures with Very Troubled Child travel bags + colorful Kilim “Flying Carpet Shoes” by Artemis Design Co.

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”

– Rosalia de Castro

We love inspirational quotes. Words matter. Often, the thoughts and talents of others have just the right words to communicate what we are thinking and feeling. Whether for event stationery or wedding invitations, connect with us on Instagram to see how we are daily inspired.

“At the beginning of a new project, often before I do any actual writing, I collect photos, quotes, song lyrics, and even objects that relate to the characters or the world I’m creating.”

– Kami Garcia

We love color. All colors. Each and every color. Our attraction and love for bright + bold; patterns + textures are immense. Each and every month we proudly select and feature a color to spotlight. For May 2017, we selected Moonstone. Typically colorless, Moonstone complements our Q2 quarterly spotlight of Air, one of the four elements forming our universe.

“Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.”

– Langston Hughes

We love our Preferred Partners. As beloved creative collaborators of our + Company, each artisan has been personally hand-selected and exclusively invited to partner with us on select event experiences. Explore our elite listing knowing they represent the passion, power and perfection of  “our plus” in The Huestudio + Company.


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi exclusively for The Huestudio + Company.

Take the Cake!

[ Preferred Partner Spotlight: Julie Michelle Cakes ]

Creative. Clever. Convivial. Celebratory. Congratulatory. Cake! 

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“Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories.”

– Buddy Valastro

As lovers of exquisite and tiny details, all things delicious and creative, plus artful craftsmanship, we love and adore the spectacular cake creations! 

As a new preferred partner for 2017, we appreciate and value the talents of cake artist Julie Lopez of Julie Michelle Cakes.

Utilizing only the finest ingredients and delightful creativity to bake and design custom works of editable art, Julie Michelle Cakes are both beautiful, delicious and oh, so amazingly elegant!

Delight in her recent creations for our 1.7.17 Proposal Event + contact our creative team today to book our Full Service Wedding Design + Planning services.

From beginning to end, we have mastered the art of the wedding event!

From small, intimate affairs incorporating opulent details, to luxurious, romantic destination soirées, to glamorous and sophisticated epic wedding events, allow our creative team to envision and design every magical moment showcasing the uniqueness and individuality of the wedding couple.

We thrive on exceeding client expectations and delighting and surprising attending guests, with each and every refined detail.

“You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

– Dr. Seuss


Photo Credits: © PhotoGabi, exclusively for The Huestudio + Company, 2017. 

Magic Behind The Lens

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

– Ernst Haas

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[ Preferred Partner Spotlight: PhotoGabi ]

Smiling black girl on grass with crocus flowers

pho·to·graph | ˈfōdəˌɡraf/ | fotografie | poză

The beauty, simplicity and elegance is immediate. Using color, texture, pattern and brilliant lighting, stunning works of photography are envisioned and ultimately produce memorable compositions with creative imagination!

We are proud to spotlight the colorful and multi-faceted photography talents of PhotoGabi, a preferred partner of The Huestudio + Company.


Gabriel “Gabi” Bucataru is the Gabi part in PhotoGabi. Growing up in Romania playing with his father’s 35mm film camera shaped the Photo side. Together, they create magic and memories through the visually creative medium of photography.

Film scan shot on a Nikon F100, with 35mm lens, using Ilford HP5 400, 35mm film

We invite you to explore the extraordinary talents of PhotoGabi in our photo gallery below. Drinks. Fine Art. Food. Motion. People. Product. Stage. 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

– Aaron Siskind

View photo gallery

Event Stationery Elevated!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

– Edgar Degas

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[ Preferred Partner Spotlight: EIGHT21 Studios ]

dCW logo

Elegant. Exquisite. Elevated. Edgy. Elaborate. Enchanting. Endearing. Enviable. Essential. Ethereal. Epic.

Consistently envisioned, designed and crafted in excellence, the above words are descriptors, among many, that represent the impeccable artistry and talents of EIGHT21 Studios and artist/owner Carol Massa Woldhuis.

Creating elegant, whimsical and one-of-a-kind, hand-painted invitations and distinctive, custom event stationery, EIGHT21 Studios is where Art meets Stationery™

As a preferred partner, a blank canvas awaits for discerning clients where high expectations + colorful visions mix and combine together with artistic talent [ and a bit of glitter and shimmer! ] to transform ordinary paper into extraordinary works of art. 

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Delight in the enchanting artistry and elaborate designs of EIGHT21 Studios with a preview and sampling of their exclusive event stationery!


“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.”

– Jackson Pollock


“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”

– Pablo Picasso


“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.”

– Marc Chagall


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

– Henry David Thoreau


“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

For all types of celebrations, occasions and spectacular weddings, EIGHT21 Studios | Designs by Carol Massa Woldhuis, is exquisite in every way! We love them…and know you will too! PS: Look for their secret signature #821 in every custom creation!

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The Huestudio + Company’s Preferred Partner program is an exclusive, invitation-only network of the finest artisans, purveyors and talent from around the world. As artisans of exquisitely-curated event experiences™, each Preferred Partner is unique and offers custom, distinctive and innovative offerings; Offerings that amaze and delight our clients!

We are honored to collaborate and partner with these exceptional artisans and proudly introduce you to these talented event professionals through regular Preferred Partner Spotlights. View our full listing of Preferred Partners.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

Photo Credit: Custom Event Stationery | © EIGHT21 Studios | Designs by Carol Massa Woldhuis, 2016.