imprint_portraitImprint services provide the talents, expertise and detailed involvement of Jeff Hughes on or for your event. Jeff will personally create and design your special celebration from initial concept to final completion.

Utilizing The Huestudio + Company’s signature “five-senses approach”, from concept through to completion,  ensures that each sensory element contributes to a thoughtful and memorable, exquisitely-curated event experience.

Giving Circles


The Huestudio + Company gives backs to invest in others while paying it forward.

Giving Circles combines our beliefs, mission and Guiding Principles to offer Imprint and Not-for-Profit clients the option to direct up to 20% of event experience fee/s on the planning of events to a Preferred Charitable Partner. If a charitable partner of their choice is not already listed within Giving Circles, clients may elect to submit one (1) for consideration and potential selection.

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